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Attention pilonidal cyst sufferers...

"Announcing the World's First and Only Holistic Treatment Scientifically Proven to Permanently Cure Your Pilonidal Cyst Without Drugs or Painful Surgery"

This all natural home remedy will quickly heal your pilonidal cyst from the inside out and give you immediate relief from the throbbing and excruciating pain in under 48 hours!

Over 5,000 healed worldwide and counting.


Dear Pilonidal Cyst Sufferer,

Is your pilonidal cyst becoming too painful to live with?

Are you sick of it coming back even after surgery?

Are you frustrated because you feel you may have to live with this potentially crippling condition?

Don't worry - all that is about to change!

Hi. My name is Michael Lynch and I too suffered with pilonidal cysts for over 12 years.

And if there's one thing I know about pilonidal cysts, it's this...

You DO NOT Need Drugs or Expensive Surgery to Get Rid of It!

I'm about to reveal a little-known medical breakthrough that will quickly heal your pilonidal cyst using an all natural three step system that has already worked for thousands of men and women just like you.

This clinically researched treatment will 'melt away' your pilonidal cyst within days... and keep it away forever, by stimulating your bodies own natural ability to fight off infection and disease.

Here's what I mean...

did you know

It's all part of your body's cycle of renewal - where old cells die and new ones are born.

But what many people don't realize is that this renewal process doesn't just occur with cuts, bruises and broken bones. The fact is, it occurs in practically every cell in the body.

So, what would happen if you were able to speed up your body's natural renewal process?

What if you could literally "command" your body to repair and restore itself, and cure your pilonidal cyst faster than you ever thought possible?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, believe it or not, this is not only possible, it's happening right now!

Pilonidal cyst sufferers all over the world are utilizing this exact remedy to heal themselves and put an end to their pain and suffering once and for all.

Not available anywhere else, this is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful healing system.

In fact, in the past 2 years alone, it's saved countless people in 37 countries from having to undergo surgery and it can do the same for you.


pilonidal cyst

The primary reason why you are in so much pain right now is because of a build-up of pus and bacteria that has accumulated inside your body (as shown in the picture).

The ONLY way to properly heal your pilonidal cyst is to completely remove this pus build-up. Once this is accomplished, everything else will balance out naturally.

You see, all the topical treatments for pilonidal cysts you might find online only target the fistula portion of the cyst. Natural remedies like tea tree oil, garlic and castor oil are only good for reducing inflammation in this area.

They DO NOT target the source of the problem. They can NOT completely eliminate your pain.

In order to gain REAL permanent relief, it is essential that the pus build-up is completely removed from the body.

Any doctor will tell you that.

You can opt for surgery to get this done, and even then there are no guarantees that the operation will be a success.

Or you can try a PROVEN, ALL NATURAL remedy that will safely and painlessly discharge every drop of pus from your body in 3 easy steps!

Here's the 3 Step Process:

The first step is allowing your cyst to come to a head so it will naturally open up by itself. You take one Brazilian plant remedy for this and it will make your cyst ripe very fast, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

This particular Brazilian plant works wonders at maturing pilonidal cysts and providing a good sized outlet for the pus to discharge in Step 2 below.

VERY IMPORTANT: Never cut or pop open your pilonidal cyst for any reason. This is not a pimple. You stand the chance of it getting infected and causing even more pain and damage.




Once open, draining your cyst of all the pus is the next and most crucial step. It is important that ALL the pus be removed.

To ensure a successful outcome, you will take another remedy of a naturally occurring mineral which literally forces all of the pus out. You'll be totally grossed out when you see just how much pus is actually inside your body!

While this isn't painful at all, it does get a little messy (and stinky) because there will be a lot of pus (along with small amounts of blood and fluid) draining out during this time. Make sure to always keep it packed and bandaged.




The last and final step ensures the cyst never returns once all the pus has been discharged. This is done by taking a unique blend of calcium and sulfur to completely dry up the cyst from the inside out.

Once all 3 steps are complete, you will finally experience lasting and permanent relief.







This remedy works at the source of the problem by giving
your body the "ammo" it needs to fight off this infection!

Unlike other treatments which only temporarily mask the symptoms, this unique process works in harmony with your body and targets the underlying problem directly.

Plus, all three steps above are done with 100% natural ingredients that are readily available, cheap and have ZERO side effects.

Thousands of men and women across the globe have used this amazingly simple solution to get rid of their pilonidal cysts, and now YOU can too...

Tested and PROVEN effective for fast relief


This treatment is backed by thousands of hours of research and is the ONLY non-invasive way to heal your pilonidal cyst in the shortest amount of time possible, using safe ingredients.

Pilonidal Cyst Relief has been considered by many doctors, homeopaths, and other alternative health practitioners as the definitive non-surgical method to heal a pilonidal cyst - hands down.

Use the information inside to heal your pilonidal cyst in days...

  • without drugs
  • without cutting or popping
  • without surgery
  • without any side effects
  • The simple 3 step remedy to total pilonidal cyst relief. You will learn the exact system thousands of pilonidal cyst sufferers used to quickly and safely get rid of their pilonidal cysts.
  • A quick and simple, yet very powerful anti-inflammatory mask you can make at home to immediately reduce the itchy and inflamed skin in and around your cyst. Takes only minutes to make, yet lasts all day long.

  • How to deal with a stubborn pilonidal cyst that never matures. You know the one that remains under the skin, but never fully develops and comes to a head? Those are the absolute worst. I’ll show you a neat little trick you can do that literally forces your cyst to quickly mature, open up, and release all the gunk inside so you can finally get some relief.
  • Discover the most important element that when eliminated can virtually banish over 85% of all pilonidal cyst cases (and almost all pilonidal cyst sufferers are affected by it). This one secret alone will virtually guarantee you never get another cyst for as long as you live.

  • How this poisonous plant is the absolute best at instantly erasing the pain. In fact, it's one of the most poisonous plants in the world. Yet this weird concoction numbs the pain away within minutes. No OTC drug or pain reliever can match it’s superb strength and effectiveness. And yes it’s 100% safe to use, even on babies. I'll tell you what it is and who carries it.
  • Which topical solution you should NEVER put on your cyst even though most people (even doctors) recommend you do. This product, while it works wonders for most cuts and scrapes will undoubtedly cause you more pain and grief down the road. I have a better, all-natural alternative instead.
  • A complete list of foods to avoid during the healing process. Avoid these pus forming foods and drinks and your cyst will heal in half the time. I guarantee your consuming most of them right now and destroying any chance of healing your pilonidal cyst.
  • Which foods you MUST consume. Just like knowing which foods to avoid, it’s equally important to know which “super foods” will aid in the healing process. These 9 particular foods are crucial and if you don’t eat them, you’re taking a major step backwards and prolonging the healing time.
  • A super easy “quick fix” you can do right NOW, using an almost obsolete product from the 1800′s you can buy at your local pharmacy for about $6. It will painlessly rupture your pilonidal cyst, drain it of pus and reduce the swelling significantly. (Hint: you might have to ask for it because they sometimes keep it hidden behind the counter.)
  • You'll discover the #1 cause of your pilonidal cyst, and a surprisingly simple step you can take (that took years to develop) to ensure it never returns in the future.

  • How 4 everyday kitchen items when mixed together will pop open your cyst faster than anything else on the planet. Quite possibly the strongest and fastest way to get rid of a pilonidal cyst. You won't find this mentioned anywhere else.
  • Plus much more…

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What Others Are Saying...

These are the photos I was telling you about. As you can see, I got one hairy ass. LOL. I literally tried everything for 3 months to get rid of this thing and nothing worked. In 7 days after trying your treatment the cyst was completely GONE! I will continue taking the             to finish everything off…

Mike I haven’t sat down like a regular person in over 3 months. Now I can flop down on the couch and watch TV with the family without pain. A big thanks bro!!

Markus A. – Kentucky, USA

"...it was draining pus that same night and I woke up feeling really good and anxiously awaiting the mess inside my gauze bandage.

I almost threw up when I saw it, but what a relief it is to be able to SIT here writing you about this awesome treatment...

...This has been a roller coaster ride for me because I missed a lot of school and have to make up a lot of time. But it's good to be back."

Matt Chilton - Wyoming, USA

"...mine popped open and I felt so much better afterwards. Thank you for this..."

L.K. - New York, USA

"Thank you soooo much! My son who has been dealing with pilonidal cysts since he was 15 is completely healed thanks to you. He's 17 now, and this thing has practically ruined his life. Last month we gave your product a try. We did everything exactly as described and today, it's GONE! I mean, it's really 100% gone for the first time in 2 years!! He suffered miserably for 2 years with this awful condition, but today he's like a new person full of energy and life. Again, thank you so much (Reggie thanks you to and you should be hearing from him soon as well) and may God bless you for all the time and work you put into this."

Laura K. - Arizona USA

"I would like to give deepest thanks for this. It worked well for me. After only 5 days no more pilonidal cyst pain at all since I started. I feel like a new man. Much energy. My girlfriend says I changed since I started this that I look and act better with her now because of no pain. Thank you very much."

Andrei Cherkesov - Russia

"It took a few days, but eventually the cyst turned very white and started to leak extra amounts of the fluid pus. That's when I started feeling better."

Yusra U. - Norway

"That trick on using             to get the cyst to pop open fast is amazing and I don't know how you ever thought of that but I dont care because it worked for me.

Literally 7 hours and my cyst popped open and I spent the last 5 years trying to figure this thing out. You are truly a wonderful person. Thank you."

Sherry Phillips - Oklahoma, USA

"My husband has had pilonidal cysts since we first got together and it has always altered his life and would seem to sneek up on him at the worst possible time. Last week we gave this treatment a shot and it has worked wonders in terms of easing his pain. We are currently on the last Module and have since cancelled his surgery for next week since he seems to be healing quite nicely. My husband works construction here in Dallas and this is a busy time of year for him. We can't afford for him to miss anymore days and it looks as if he won't have to thanks to you. This is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you from Mary and Bob Holmes."

Mary and Bob Holmes - Texas USA

"...the tea tree oil was really the only thing that helped me. But the             is amazing too. I use it every single day and I can at least get on with my life. Poisonous or not, I cant live without it now."

Jeff Tinsley - Ohio, USA

"I bought the             from Rite Aid as Walgreens didn't have it. They didnt even know what I was talking about ... lol. I put it on that night and woke up with my backside covered in nasty sticky pus. That stuff smells awful man. I didn't think it would seep through my bandage, but that was a lot of pus! I'm using it again tonight and can't wait for all this to be over."

Chris K. - Virginia, USA

"It really is a strong pain reliever like you say. My daughter really likes it and it helps her sleep without pain. It is nice of someone to find this stuff out for us. Thanks."

F.P. - New Brunswick, Canada

"...My boyfriend took these before and after pix. My doctor is amazed and doesn't believe how i did it in short time frame. Thank you for everything and if your ever in Denmark look me up because I owe you dinner lol."

Maja C. - Denmark

"All I can say is that this remedy is a winner. I tried it and within 10 days I am almost rid of my cyst. I'm so much more pleasant to be around too. LOL"

Stacey M. - California, USA

"Works as advertised. Highly recommended as I was a pilonidal cyst sufferer for almost 2 years and this treatment cleared me right up. Michael knows his stuff."

Randy West - Virginia, USA

"...yes cyst erupted that same night. Was very pleased and happy. Pain almost gone totally..."

Thiago - Brazil

"...the first thing I did was got some             and             and mixed them together to put on my cyst. It had a slight sting to it but nothing major. I went to sleep and woke up and it didn't do anything but a little pain relief. I tried it again the next night but this time I added a little             to it. That did the trick. It completely opened up and is discharging plenty of pus as I write this. The pain relief when that thing finally erupted I simply cant put into words. It felt like a huge load of pressure was released from inside the cyst when it opened up..."

Kyle R. - California, USA

"...and yes it was very helpful. Thank you. Really takes away the pain almost as soon as you put it on."

Marvin Black - Michigan, USA

"Greetings from India. My name is Kamal Subramanium and I lived with pilonidal for many years. Your guide is wonderful to offer so many different solutions which are very cheap and easy. I try the             and 4 days later my cyst is becoming healed. Still have some more time to go but progress is compelling. Nothing else work but this and am very grateful to you sir. Cheers."

Kamal Subramanium - India

"...I've had a few different operations as you already know Mike, and in July I'm due for yet another one. After 3 days of using your treatment, I don't think they will be seeing me. I physically and visually can see a marked improvement over before I started. The cyst has been discharging pus and has significantly come down in size as well. The pain has dissipated by 50 to 60% and I can finally lay down now. Tonight I take the             so things are moving right along. So far so good, so I thought I'd fill you in. "

Kathy Bates - New Mexico, USA

"Young blokes are hard to keep indoors, but this abscess destroyed his movement to the point where he couldn't leave the house...

...he can go out and play with his friends now that it has diminished significantly in size and pain.

...his energy is through the roof and he is a much happier person since he tried this regimen..."

Clarissa Meagen - Australia

"...really am amazed at how this stuff works so well and why doesn't anyone else talk about it. I could have saved so much time and money not to mention pain if I only knew about this in college..."

Mellisa A. - Ireland

YOU Too Can Get Results Like This

All of the above people are no different than you, in fact, they are probably more like you than you might know...

...and the same system that helped them can help you too!

It makes absolutely no difference...

  • how long you've had your pilonidal cyst.
  • how bad or how far progressed the infection is.
  • how many treatments or surgeries have failed you in the past.

Regardless of any of those things, this treatment will heal you... the very first time - without surgery!

And speaking of surgery...

To see actual photos of patients who underwent surgery - click here.
Be Forewarned - Extremely Graphic Photos!!

If you have been to a doctor for your pilonidal cyst, chances are he/she prescribed antibiotics and recommended some type of invasive procedure to be done.

For example...

LANCING - Lancing is where the doctor will slice open your cyst to allow for the pus to drain out, thus allowing it to heal. Unfortunately, this procedure does not work because all of the pus doesn't completely drain out. There is plenty more pus deep within the body that remains (or redevelops in the future), which is why this medical procedure has a very low success rate. Average Cost - Between $200 to $600 per treatment

CLEFT LIFT - A popular procedure where an ellipse shaped chunk of your rear end is removed by the surgeon. This football shaped ellipse or "cavity", lies parallel to the pilonidal cyst on one side. To cover the cavity the surgeon cuts open the other side and pulls skin and thick fat over the cavity. The top of the buttocks become shallow and healing often can be painful and take months. Average Cost - Between $1000 to $2,500

EXCISION - Here, your cyst is completely removed by the surgeon. This is the most invasive surgery of them all and requires several months for recovery. When your cyst is excised, a good sized portion of your rear-end gets chopped off along with it! If you think you're in pain now, wait till you have this done to you. Average Cost - Between $5,000 to $10,000

There are other new procedures popping up all the time. Fact is, none of them work effectively.

Go ahead and check for yourself; read the horror stories all over the Internet about others who tried surgery to heal their pilonidal cysts. (Or click here to see the aftermath of pilonidal cyst surgery. Warning: Graphic Images)

It's shocking to note, but on average over 40% of all patients who undergo surgery will experience another pilonidal cyst within one year!

Why go through the pain, hassle and expense of surgery when success rates for most pilonidal medical procedures are horrible, at just under 50%!

Certain procedures have also been known to worsen the problem. Many cysts have been cut open, only to get infected -- making the problem much worse, regardless of how successful the operation was.

Surgery should only be considered in the most extreme cases and AFTER you have tried other alternative methods.


Shortly after starting this remedy, you can expect to...

  • Gain FAST relief in as little as 48 hours! This is not an exaggeration. Many people report having no pain that same night!
  • Be able to sit, lie down and walk like a normal human being. No more having to sit on one butt cheek again.
  • Completely eliminate the need for OTC pain relievers, harsh antibiotics and painful surgery.
  • Feel happier, calmer and more relaxed due to less stress in your life from not having to deal with this horrible condition anymore.
  • Restore your energy levels and improve the quality of your life dramatically -- all within a matter of days.


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Let's face it, your pilonidal cyst is not going away on its own and $39 $19 is nothing compared to the peace of mind of knowing you can stop suffering right NOW and never have to go through another pilonidal cyst ever again.

It's now up to you. What are you going to do?

Are you going to sit there crunched over in pain, feeling sorry for yourself and wondering why this had to happen to you -- or are you going to take me up on this offer and start feeling better within the next few hours?

I promise this is a life changer. The sooner you start this treatment the faster you will get healed. Why wait? Start today!

My Best Wishes to You and Your Health,

P.S. - Remember, if Pilonidal Cyst Relief doesn't work for you, then it's free! You get an entire 60 days to put this remedy to the test to decide if this is really right for you.

P.P.S. - If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. My email address is contactmichaellynch {at} gmail.com or you can use the handy contact form on this site and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


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 Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is this safe?

Absolutely! This remedy is a very safe method using only all-natural ingredients. There are no harsh OTC drugs or prescription medicines to take. It can be used by anyone, from teenagers to the elderly. And there are no harmful side effects.

Is this a permanent solution?

Yes. This remedy works at the root of the infection and quickly eliminates your cyst from the inside out. Once all the pus has been eliminated from the body, the likelihood of your cyst returning in the future is very slim. This method will offer you safe and permanent results.

How long before I see results?

On average, (and this will change from person to person) the typical pilonidal cyst sufferer begins to see results usually that same night of starting the treatment with more significant results within 2 to 3 days.

The initial result will be noticeably less pain. Then your cyst will begin to diminish in size and intensity as pus is being discharged from it (starting on day 2 or 3).

By Day 4 or 5, your pilonidal cyst will be much softer and you will be able to sit completely down with very little to no pain. Afterwards, it will continue to heal and get better as the days go by. You should allow up to three weeks to see complete results.

I've already had surgery and my pilonidal cyst has come back. Can I still try this?

It does not matter if you have had surgery in the past, you can and should try this home remedy. It is completely safe and won't adversely affect the wound in any way.

Believe it or not, but judging from the constant emails I get I would say a great majority of people who tried and succeeded with this remedy were former surgery patients themselves.

What about the various home treatments I read about?

If you're refering to tea tree oil, garlic, turmeric and other homemade remedies, I've tried them all. While these do bring temporary relief in some people, the fact remains that they are topical applications and therefore DO NOT target the underlying problem.

There is certainly nothing wrong with trying these alternative methods to relieve the pain, but chances are the results will be short lived and the cyst and pain will eventually come back. (Sometimes even worse than before!)

Pilonidal Cyst Relief is different and is NOT a topical solution. The remedies must be ingested and begin to go to work from the inside out almost immediately. No other treatment works faster or safer.

Will Pilonidal Cyst Relief be physically mailed to me?

NO. Currently, Pilonidal Cyst Relief comes as a digital download only. This means nothing will be shipped to you, so will get immediate access to it after purchase. It comes as a PDF download and will work on both PC and Mac computers.

What if this doesn't work for me? What if I'm not happy? How do I get my money back?

I unconditionally stand behind my product, so within 60 days if it doesn't work for you or you simply change your mind, email me. You will receive an immediate refund - no questions asked.

You only have 2 choices... Surgery or Pilonidal Cyst Relief

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